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My First 100 Years by Edith Clark Shephard

My First 100 Years by Edith Clark Shephard

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I was born 100 years ago.
In a log cabin, the place I do not know.
Much different than the homes of today.
We put paper between the logs to keep the snow away.
We slept on ticks filled with straw for a while.
We soon had feathers, which made us smile.
Our clothes were·also different than now.
Mother made most of them —somehow.
They were higher at the top and lower at the bottom. Must be so the knee you never did see.
There were no zippers, that is true.
So a button or a safety pin had to do.
Father grew different grains and had them made into flour. Mother baked with a wood burning stove by the hour.
We had Indians and Gypsies come to our door.
Mother gave them some food, they wanted no more.
Father half-soled our shoes to make them stronger.
And sewed up the rips to make them last longer.
We had a little house way out back.
With a Sears and Roebuck Catalog in a rack.
Not in a roll like we have today.
But it answered the purpose in its own way.
Our neighbor had a team of oxen who were fun but slow. They didn’t like very fast to go.
In the summertime a horse and buggy we would use.
But in the winter a cutter or sleigh we would choose.
The sleigh bells rang out on a cold crisp night.
Much to everyone’s delight.

I graduated from Brown City High School
We always followed the golden rule.
Then I went to Ypsilanti without any fears.
Next, I taught country school for seven years.
Then Otis and I were married, June 11th, 1927.
We had a home wedding at half-past eleven.
Next a delicious dinner with a beautiful cake.
That was made by my sisters, who could bake.
We were planning to leave right after our fill.
But our car was padlocked to the windmill.
Mother was kind enough you see.
To tell us where the key might be.
So off we would go very happily.
But old shoes and tin cans were tied on behind.
Where they would be hard to find.
We had our tent and planned to camp you see.
Soon to Niagara Falls, we would be.
A week was overall to fast.
In our memory, it will always last.
Now for some of the trips we made.
After our honeymoon.
Back to Flint, we must go.
Work before play don’t you know.
Otis worked for G.M. for 35 years.
He retired in 62 almost in tears.
We have 3 children Jean, Donna, and Wayne.
Nine Grand Children, 20 Great, and 1 Great Great, none the same.
We spent about 20 winters in Arizona.
We went Alaska wore Parkas and rode in a dog sled.
We also had a hood on our head.
We went to Hawaii by ship.
It was a beautiful trip.

It took one day to go through the Panama Canal. But it was worth it the trip was swell.
Took a ski lift ride to the top.
And wondered every minute if it would drop. We rode two hours in a hot air balloon. Thought we were almost to the Moon.
Had a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. Even had a ride in a Blimp.
At my age, I’ve seen it all, heard it all, and done it all. I just can’t remember it all.
But, by the way, I’m glad I live in the U.S.A.

Edith M. Shephard née Clark
November 3, 2000

The Journey Begins. . .

The Journey Begins. . .

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In April 2017, Collin Blatt, a college student and former resident of the Omard-area launched

Our Focus

The main purpose for this website is to compile all available information regarding the ghost town of Omard, Michigan.