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The Omard Methodist Church is established and a building is built. John Duckworth, Sr. laid the cornerstone on May 22nd1 of this year.


The Omard United Methodist Church undergoes a major renovation with an added vestibule, basement, and other interior modifications. John Duckworth, Jr. re-laid the cornerstone—first laid by his father.


A wing is added to the Omard Methodist Church.


The Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church merged to create the United Methodist Church—the denomination to which Omard currently belongs.


The Omard United Methodist Church celebrates their 75th anniversary.


The Omard United Methodist Church celebrates their 100th anniversary.

Omard Church congregation - c. early 1900s

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Scanned copy of early Omard Church Congregation c. 1900.

  1. Some documents state May 29th, however, “May 22, 1896” is engraved on the actual cornerstone—so this date is used.